Customer Testimonials


Seascape's photo

"If you own pets, you should buy pet insurance! It helped us to be able to make the decisions to get the help and knowledge to treat Seascape without having to worry about the financials!

Our precious Bengal, Seascape, crashed a few weeks ago, was rushed to the vet, and spent several days there while undergoing surgery. She came home with a feeding tube and it was finally found that her pancreas had stopped producing the enzymes needed for her to absorb the nutrients in her food needed for survival.

She's on the road to recovery now and we’re thankful for all who have helped and supported us throughout all of this. As you can probably imagine, our vet bills are several thousand dollars, BUT Petsecure Pet Insurance covered 80% of our bill as per our policy. BEST INVESTMENT EVER!"

Nova Scotia

"I'm very appreciative, and I recommend Petsecure to everyone because of the tip-top customer service. Petsecure is everything I'd expect to have in an insurance company, especially with Bill, who has cerebellar hypoplasia, which I feel most insurance companies would deny for coverage."

Valerie, QC

Customer since 2011

"Petsecure is AMAZING and has helped me and my cat countless times!"



"Taffy is my first dog (I’m a senior), and she's a wonderful companion. Knowing I have insurance for her has been a wonderful thing. It's very handy. Thank you again for the service you provide. It's always timely and everyone is so polite and helpful."

Lyndell, NS

Customer since 2015

"We love our Petsecure pet health insurance! Once again they’ve come through for li’l Romeo, our pooch who is dealing with some health issues. Thank you from our hearts."



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Daisy's Story

“Thank you so much to Petsecure’s staff for recognizing the value of therapy dogs. Daisy is doing very well at 12 years old, but has now entered retirement after ten-and-a half-years as an active member of Ottawa Therapy Dogs (OTD). I very much appreciated the 10% discount you applied two years ago. This is partly because I am a pensioner, but mostly because it reflects your belief that animals truly have a therapeutic value and bring enormous pleasure and comfort to others.”


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Peg's Story

"Thank you for your continued support of my Mandy, who is almost 15 years old now but holding on despite her many health challenges. There are days when caring for her seems overwhelming, but then she wags her tail and tries to play, and all the difficulties and expenses are forgotten. I’m so glad I enrolled her with Petsecure when she was just a little pup all those years ago."

Burnaby, BC
Customer since 2004

"I'm really happy I have Petsecure for Myles, especially with his ongoing issues. Thanks for being there to keep Myles happy and healthy."

Myra, AB

Customer since 2011

"As usual, Petsecure's customer service has been flawless."

Agustina, ON

Customer since 2013

"I’ve said it before and I say it again: Petsecure is the best, and anyone with a cat or dog needs this insurance."



"Petsecure has supported my many pets over the past 20 years. A terrific provider!"



“I’d rather cut my monthly spending in some areas and put it toward a pet insurance bill every month than run into an unexpected, astronomical vet bill! Last year alone, if I didn’t have pet insurance, I would have spent well over $2,000 on vet bills... and that’s only on one dog who’s a healthy, five-year-old Lab. No doubt there’ll be even more savings in the future!”



“I have been with you for over ten years, three dogs total and have nothing but good things to say about you. I always have incredible service and great experiences with you at Petsecure and am extremely thankful for everything you have done for my dogs over the years. You saved the life of one of my dog’s due to helping them by providing coverage for his hip dysplasia.”


Saskatoon, SK

“My daughter's dog has had many issues over the years - most recently cancer. She needed radiation and chemo(therapy); both were covered - awesome to have pet insurance!”


Vancouver, BC

“I’m impressed, Petsecure. You made my claim right and treated me like a customer who mattered today. Thank you.”

Mark, BC

"Everyone should have pet insurance. There's nothing worse than seeing someone at a clinic with an ill pet and they can't afford to help them."

Danny, ON

Customer since 2013

"Buzz was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and I’ve never been more thankful to have an insurance policy for him. It has really eased my mind. I recommend Petsecure to everyone I know!"

Maureen, BC

Customer since 2008

"I’m a policyholder and a huge fan of Petsecure. Our insurance has helped us many times."


"Thanks for all you did for Heart of Gold and always being there when we needed you.  We greatly appreciate it and know he wouldn’t of lived as long without you."


East York, ON

“Just a little word to thank you for your great service. You’re a really good insurance company.”


Montreal, QE

“Thank you so much for all your have done for us, and saving our pup. You all have went above and beyond, even checking in on him after his surgeries. Thank you!”



“Skye passed away last week, but I want to thank Petsecure for helping so much the last time I called in. I greatly appreciate all of their help over the years.”


Ancaster, ON

“Without Petsecure we would not have been able to care for Pepsi this way for all these years. We are grateful to them all for being there for us.”

Rose and Ted Toronto, ON -Customer since 1997

“Even though for 10 plus years of not needing to make a claim, we questioned many times “do we really need this?” Yep, claims are starting with our old girl and the company is quick, efficient, and a godsend. So happy we have them.”


Toronto, ON

Dawn's story

Dawn's Story

We've been with Petsecure for 11 years. We're very happy with the service we have received. I found the deductible very reasonable.
Between our two giant dogs, we had three cruciate surgeries done in one year. We only paid the 20% co-pay and the 80% payout was paid directly to our vet, Dr Gary Bouck.
If it wasn't for Petsecure we would not have been able to have the surgeries performed. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Dawn Willis

Thank you Petsecure for helping us afford the treatment Coco needs! Knowing 80% of the costs were covered made the situation a little less stressful this week.


Anneli's Story

Anneli's Story

I’ve never wanted money to be the reason I make decisions in my dogs’ health. I want them to always have access to the best treatment possible in their time of need. I’ve had to rely on my Petsecure coverage on many occasions that I never could have predicted as a pet owner.

Petsecure is the only insurance company I recommend to friends, family, students and the many customers of my doggy daycare. I know they’ll be looked after in their time of need and will receive incredible customer service.”

Anneli Hilton
Edmonton, AB

We've seen Petsecure pet insurance in action and can't recommend them enough! It's a great way to ensure you are able to provide the best care for your furry friend.

BC SPCA Penticton Veterinary Hospital

Hunter's photo

Hunter's Story

Last week, Hunter was diagnosed with IMPA (immune-mediated polyarthritis). This is going to be an ongoing condition, but I hope it goes into remission. So far, we’ve paid almost $4,000. Thankfully, we have Secure 4 coverage, so I don't have to worry that we can't afford treatment. Also, every time I speak to a customer service person they always tell me to give Hunter a hug! Thanks again, Petsecure!"

Calgary, AB

Madeline's Story

Madeline's Story

All I can say is I'm so glad I have Petsecure. Madeline went into kidney failure April 9 at the age of 8. While she's not out of the woods, knowing I had Petsecure gave me the power to say yes. She's now at home and she is being a cat again. Thank you.”


Sarah's Story

Sarah's Story

As a pet owner with Petsecure insurance and a clinic staff member, pet insurance gives me comfort knowing that I can do anything I need for my fur babies. I strongly feel that insurance is always needed and great to have."

Sarah Moore Beaumont, AB
Bon Bon's photo

Bon Bon's Story

Petsecure helped pay for me to get 5 teeth out and I'm still smiling! Love Bon Bon, Aged 11."

Jane Reid Via Twitter

Willa's Story

When we adopted Willa, we wanted to be sure that if – for some reason –  she faced any health challenges through her life, money wasn't going to stop us from helping her get all the medical care she needed. So we decided to get Petsecure pet insurance very early in her life.

Willa did end up developing allergies which we were able to test for and manage large medication costs, with the offset of pet insurance. When Willa was around six, she was having a problem with one of her hind legs. We were able to run all tests necessary to rule out any serious issues, however in the process realized she had degenerative myelopathy (DM). With DM, over time she would become paralyzed, but this was not going to stop us. Willa did hydrotherapy twice a week for almost a year to keep her strength and mobility. Once her strength deteriorated she graduated to her very own set of wheels.

Looking back, we’re very thankful that we decided to purchase pet insurance. We were never questioned on any care we wanted to provide Willa, and always had caring employees on the other end of the phone to talk to, which helps when you’re going through emotional situations with your best friend’s health.

Angela Waterloo, ON

Petsecure are awesome. I have my five doggies with them.

Dalia BC
Annie's Story

Annie's Story

This is my beloved Annie who left us a few weeks ago. She was almost 14, and thanks to Petsecure we were able to treat her chronic renal failure and several other medical conditions over 12 years without having to worry about the cost.

Thanks for helping us keep her healthier and happy for so long, and for your compassion when she passed away. I highly recommend pet insurance for anyone."


Best pet insurance there is, definitely a must for all pet owners.


I never thought of pet insurance before, but purchasing from your company had helped me immensely with my little Tango.


A HUGE thank you to Petsecure’s customer service chat! They were able to help me with an urgent matter in just a few minutes! AMAZING!


Beautiful Sofie is a 1-year-old Golden Retriever cross. She visited us recently because she was having tummy issues. Thanks to Petsecure for covering the cost of her treatments. We're glad you're feeling better, Sofie!

Queen’s Park Pet Hospital

Audi has gone through two hip surgeries now, and Petsecure has been there every step of the way. Thank you so much for all your have done for us, and saving our pup. You all have went above and beyond, even checking in on him after his surgeries. Thank you!


When we got Miss Lily, her vet talked to me about insurance. I bought it, and I’m thankful I did. She broke her leg and had a $5,000 bill and you folks were there for me.

Jerome and Cathy