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Linda and Bruin’s Story

My name is Linda and I have a story to share.

Back in 2012, I was not in a good place due to a bad neck and shoulder injury. I was becoming very lonely due to my limited mobility and could not do all the activities I loved. I happened to be babysitting my son’s newest family member, a puppy, when I realized that I was missing that companionship in my life.

Photo of BruinI knew there were many animals waiting for their forever homes, so for me adoption from a shelter was the right fit. When searching through adoption sites, I wasn’t able to find the right animal to fit my lifestyle due to my injuries. I spent months looking and one day a picture of a young pup jumped out at me. It was through the BC SPCA Campbell River branch, which I had a great experience with in the past, so I contacted them immediately and asked to meet him.

The day came for me to be introduced to my possible new best friend. The BC SPCA employee brought the young pup to me. His name was Bruin, a German shepherd cross who was still very young. He did not seem shy or intimidated by me at all. He came out twisting around with excitement, already showing me love with his licks and kisses. My decision was made and Bruin was coming home with me. I guess you can say it was love at first sight.

Photo of BruinBruin’s adoption came with a trial pet insurance policy from Petsecure pet health insurance. I was very pleased with that and decided that having insurance was a great idea. As a result I decided to keep up with the insurance with the idea that it was like making payments on any care, should he need any in the future. I know that things like medical expenses always come at the most inconvenient time in our lives.

I must say this was a smart decision on my behalf. Recently Bruin ended with a very bad injury. The veterinarian said it was a torn cruciate ligament and required TPLO surgery. I was devastated, he is my best friend and I could never imagine not having him healthy and not having him around. I decided to have the surgery done, booked it with his specialist and decided to contact Petsecure. I was pleased with the friendly people that I spoke with to find out what my coverage was. They even pre-approved it, giving me peace of mind. Petsecure quickly followed up with me to clarify any questions that could not be answered previously.

Bruin had his surgery and is recovering well. I couldn’t be more pleased with the fast and friendly informative help that we received all the way along. I bought the insurance with the idea of knowing Bruin will be completely looked after should I have to use it, and that is exactly what I have found.

Bruin is making a full recovery and has found a safe, loving home with myself, my husband and his adopted sister Nikita, who is a 13 year old Labrador cross. Bruin is such a docile sweet boy who is loved by all who meet him. He loves the water and frequently goes swimming. He is such a gentle boy that he can swim right into a flock of ducks or geese and not cause them to become anxious or fly away. Bruin is a great companion and we are both working together in the recovery from our injuries. I now have more mobility and can go kayaking for short periods of time with Bruin swimming right beside me the entire way.

It’s so nice to have my loving friend with me as we work together in our healing. Truly, he is my best friend. I am grateful for BC SPCA Campbell River, for bringing us together and Petsecure, for helping us in our hour of need.

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