• Petsecure attends and sponsors London veterinary event

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Apr 27, 2015

    Petsecure attended and sponsored London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital Appreciation Day!

    More than 60 veterinarians attended this event in London, ON. Expert vets from the hospital -- Dr. Ducharme, Dr. Ogilvie, Dr. Hiscox and Dr. Shukla -- 
    lectured on their specialties and the event offered excellent continuing education on issues in veterinary medicine.

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  • Infographic: How to keep your pet safe in spring

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Apr 23, 2015

    It's spring, and whether you're doing some spring cleaning, taking advantage of the warm weather and getting outdoors or even working on your garden, you want to keep your pets safe.

    Here are some handy spring safety tips! Click to enlarge!

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  • A day with the Halifax Search and Rescue Team

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Apr 21, 2015

    Dog handler Paul Service and Eikoe.

    Petsecure Territory Manager Robin was invited to participate in a major training exercise with the Halifax Search and Rescue team by dog handler Paul Service and his dog Eikoe.

     "All of the dogs on the Search and Rescue Team are protected by Petsecure and I came away from that day with a new respect for how hard the team works," says Robin. "They provide such an important service to Halifax and the area."

    "Halifax Search and Rescue is on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day," says Paul. "Many of our call outs come in the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. Having our dogs insured by Petsecure means that if something does happen during training or at a search we're left with a decision to treat based solely on the best interest of the dog, and not the financial burden. 

    "One of the markers we use in the selection of a search dog is the dog's natural 'drive ability'. We look for a dog that has an 'over the top' desire to recover the ball and play. While we work very hard to look out for hazards to protect our dogs, they recover the ball at any cost. Play drive means that the inevitable does happen. Petsecure has been there for Eikoe in several incidents, including an unfortunate accident which resulted in the loss of several teeth this past fall. 

    "Our dogs give us their best when someone is in need, and Petsecure allows us to give back the best in veterinary care when they're in need."  

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  • Vet Answers with Dr. Pukay: Training a deaf pet

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Apr 16, 2015

    I recently adopted a very well-behaved and trained dog who had previously lived on a farm and had never been walked on a leash. Now that she’s in the city, she loves walking, but will frequently pull as hard as possible on the leash for an entire walk. She’s deaf, so voice commands are not an option. Do you have any suggestions for ways I could encourage her to ease up on the leash? I’m concerned she might be hurting herself.

    It's fortunate that she is well-trained as this makes your job a lot easier. I assume that by “well-trained” you mean that she responds to hand signals to sit, stay, and come. If no, you need to start obedience training using hand signals.

    If “yes”, you need to re-enforce her training (i.e. re-enforce obedience training) so that you can depend on her to respond to your “commands." Since she is deaf, your “commands” will need to be hand signals. This allows you to distract her with commands when she pulls on her leash.

    There are several collars on the market that will humanely discourage your dog from pulling on the leash (NOT pinch collars as they are cruel), such as a halter collar. However, these need to be combined with training.

    Most dogs pull on their leash because they have too much energy. So, to burn off some of that energy, play “fetch” with her by throwing a ball or frisbee and tire her out, then take her for a walk!

    If you have a pet health question for Dr. Pukay, post it to our Facebook timeline or tweet it to @Petsecure!

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  • Raising funds for a Manitoba shelter

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Apr 15, 2015

    (From left: John Binding, Anne Wowchuk, Petsecure Regional Manager Christie, Petsecure Territory Manager Melissa, Natasha Wharrad, Michelle Neufeld)

    Petsecure's Christie and Melissa attended a fundraiser for Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue, a volunteer-based, non-profit organization raising money to build a permanent shelter for homeless animals in southeastern Manitoba.

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