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  • Dr. Liz O'Brien wins Petsecure-sponsored CVMA award

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Aug 21, 2014

    The Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association (CVMA) recognizes individuals and groups in the veterinary industry each year for their outstanding contributions to pet medicine.

    Petsecure sponsors the Small Animal Practitioner Award, which recognizes a veterinarian whose work has made a significant contribution to the advancement of small animal medicine, surgery or the management of a small animal practice.

    This year's recipient, Dr. Elizabeth O'Brien (pictured above with Petsecure's Veterinary Advisory Board Chair Dr. Berney Pukay in a photo from, received a $1,000 cash award and a plaque.


    What does this award mean to you?  

    Dr. O'Brien: It means the world to me. I feel completely humbled and overwhelmed by the honour. I so admire the veterinarians that are past recipients; it's unbelievable that I am now a recipient as well. 

    P:  How do you feel about getting recognized by your industry?

    O:  I love this profession from the bottom of my heart. I love working with the animals and find it very rewarding, but it's the people in this industry that have made nearly 30 years of practice an incredible journey. So to be by recognized by my peers and the industry for the work that I love to do is truly amazing. Receiving the letter from CVMA and then the award at the ceremony are both experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.

    P:  What types of interesting initiatives or projects have you taken on this past year?

    O:  The Cat Healthy Initiative has been a priority and will continue to be a priority. Working with five other feline specialists, we created the Feline Preventive Healthcare Protocols, the Simplified Feline Preventive Protocols and have been busy lecturing from coast to coast to educate veterinary teams about Preventive Healthcare in Cats and Feline Medicine.

    On Oct. 26
    , we'll be hosting the first Cat Healthy Symposium and all five of us will be speaking. The Cat Healthy Initiative will be creating more tools and resources for the veterinary teams and we'll be expanding the initiative and creating resources for the  animal shelters and humane societies, so that when cats are adopted, the new cat parent will be educated about the needs of their new family cat.

    The support from  Hill’s, IDEXX, Merial, Bayer and Petsecure  -- who are the sponsors/partners of Cat Healthy -- has allowed us to develop these great resources and I would like to recognize their contribution as well.

    On the home front, my clinics are involved in TNR programs locally. We provide education and veterinary care to numerous animal welfare and cat rescue groups in Hamilton. We also run a street cat/street kid program (Pets Rock) with the Living Rock in Hamilton and provide veterinary care for some of the young people who are relying on the feline/human bond to pull them through a tough time.

    I also take any opportunity that I can, whether that is a talk at a library, an interview with the press, a tweet, coffee with a politician, a visit to our local shelter, write a blog and the list goes on in order to educate people about the importance of preventive healthcare, identification and to increase awareness of the feline overpopulation crisis. This fall our clinic is co-hosting a gallery of photos of “Hamilton’s Other Cats” with  a  local photographer in order to promote  the cats and as a fundraiser for local rescue work. 

    P: How will the Cat Healthy initiative benefit cat owners?

    O: The Cat Healthy initiative's vision is to increase the value of owned, homeless and feral cats in communities across Canada. The mission is to decrease feline euthanasia rates, increase return-to-owner rates and to make sure every cat in Canada has a home -- whether it's with an educated colony TNR caregiver or a forever home where the cat parent truly understands the needs of their cats.

    How will it benefit cat owners? Their cats will live longer healthier lives and by understanding their cats, they will develop a much stronger and more rewarding relationship. 

    P: What is your opinion on pet health insurance? Why should people get the right insurance for their pets? 

    O:  When people have pet insurance, it makes life so much easier for me as a clinician to provide the ideal medical care for the cat, as finances are no longer a part of the equation.

     Being covered with insurance is part of preventive healthcare – preparation for an emergency. The key is that it is that it needs to be a good policy with a good company. In the Cat Healthy Preventive Healthcare Protocols, we include a pet insurance section with a list of points that should be considered when choosing a pet insurance policy. Pet insurance is a must for a responsible cat owner, unless they can cover the cost of an emergency -- which is less than 20 percent of the population.

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  • Petsecure Advisory Board member quoted in Financial Post

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Aug 18, 2014

    Veterinarian Dr. Lynn Webster, a member of Petsecure's Veterinary Advisory Board, was quoted in a recent piece in the Financial Post that offers a few different opinions on pet health insurance. The article also includes perspectives from a financial advisor and an animal law specialist.

    From the article:

    Pet insurance is a wise purchase for pet owners looking to cover the costs of pet health care that has become more and more sophisticated in striving to meet the demands of today's pet parents.

    The breadth and depth of today's pet health services mirrors that of our human health care system. This results in costs that can be out of reach for many pet owners. Pet insurance is meant to bridge this gap, affording the pet the best available medical care and giving their owners peace of mind.

    Read the full story.
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  • A big donation to a longtime shelter partner

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Aug 08, 2014
    (From left) Petsecure Territory Manager Robin Corkum, NS SPCA Shelter Director Sandra Flemming and NS SPCA Fund Development officer Courtney Zylstra with Daisy the dog.

    In celebration of Petsecure's 25th anniversary as Canada's largest and most trusted pet health insurance company, we made a donation of $15,000 to one of our longtime partners, the Nova Scotia SPCA.

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  • Paws Across Canada

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Jul 24, 2014

    We want to see your pets!

    Share a picture of your dog or cat along with their name and hometown and we’ll add them to our interactive Paws Across Canada map  You can post the pics on our Facebook timeline or tweet a photo to @Petsecure on Twitter.
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  • Petsecure at the 2014 CVMA convention

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Jul 10, 2014
    We celebrated our 25th anniversary as Canada's largest and most trusted pet health insurance company during the 2014 Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) convention in St. John's, N.L.

    Petsecure Advisory Board members with our anniversary cake (from left) board chair Dr. Berney Pukay, Dr. Lynn Webster, Dr. Jean Gauvin (CVMA president-elect).

    (From left) Petsecure regional manager Karolyne Trottier with territory managers Chrissy Gaetan and Robin Corkum.

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