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    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Nov 04, 2015
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  • Petsecure staff Support the Cause

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | May 28, 2015

    Petsecure staff, along with other Western Financial Group employees across the country, walked 5 km to 'Support the Cause' and help raise money for the communities where we live and work across Western Canada.

    The Support the Cause walk benefits our Western Communities Foundation, which supports a variety of charitable programs focused on public health, public housing, education and recreation. 

  • INFOGRAPHIC: Helpful Tips for the Dog Park

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | May 26, 2015

    Warm weather means lots of activity at dog parks!

    Our latest Petsecure infographic offers up some helpful tips to make your dog park experience a great one for yourself and your pet!

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  • Petsecure Pays It Forward one vet bill at a time

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | May 22, 2015

    Petsecure recently kicked off its pay it forward campaign by paying portions of vet bills at veterinary clinics in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary. The campaign started on Pay it Forward Day and will continue on a monthly basis across Canada, throughout 2015.

    When pet owners at the four clinics went to pick up their animals they were delighted to find out part of or their entire vet bill had been covered.

    Melissa Miller was one of the recipients of the pay it forward campaign at Centennial Animal Hospital, in Winnipeg.

    “This gift means everything…being on maternity leave, it’s a huge help,” she said after finding out part of the bill had been covered. “I had heard of pet insurance before today but it’s something that I didn’t really look into as much as I should have and I wish I would have.”

    Petsecure Pays it Forward in Winnipeg

    “At Petsecure, our priority is the health and well being of animals,” said Loraine Nyokong, Director of Sales for Petsecure. “We love to be able to give back to pet owners who may not be able to fully cover their vet bills.”

    Pet health insurance provides a variety of options to ensure pets have the proper coverage for regular check-ups or in the event they need more major procedures. It also gives owners peace of mind that their pet will be able to receive the care they need. 

    The company will continue to surprise pet owners by paying vet bills at new clinics in different cities each month. The next round of surprises will happen on May 29th in Halifax, Northern Ontario and Vancouver.
    Petsecure Pays it Forward in Calgary

    Petsecure is Canada’s oldest and largest pet insurance provider offering different plans to suit the unique needs of individual pets. The pet health insurance plans can include coverage for veterinary visits, dental coverage as well as alternative and preventative care. Petsecure works to provide a variety of plans that help to protect pets and to give owners peace of mind.

    Since 1989, Petsecure has been working to ensure pets have the care they need. Over the past 25 years, Petsecure has grown to become Canada’s largest and most trusted pet health insurance provider, insuring over 1 million pets. It’s a position the company could not have achieved without its longstanding partnerships with veterinarians, breeders and shelters.

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  • VIDEO: Petsecure Pays it Forward in Edmonton (CTV news)

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | May 04, 2015

    Petsecure's Pay It Forward campaign received some media coverage in Edmonton, with CTV News capturing a couple of our vet clinic surprises in that city! We'll be continuing to visit vet clinics across Canada throughout the year and helping pet owners to pay their vet bills!

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