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  • It's our new Petsecure commercial!

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Sep 11, 2014

    We're very excited to share our new commercial! It was shot in Calgary and featured 11 different animals.

    Fun facts about the commercial:
    Our animal wrangler, Flo Krisko, has trained everything from ducks to dogs for commercials, TV shows and films including Brokeback Mountain and Beethoven's Christmas Adventure.

    -Our lead trainer, Katherine Engelman, was a trainer for Marley & Me: The Puppy Years.

    -Our creative director, Leah Zukowski from ZGM, overcame a childhood fear of dogs to work with the friendly pets on this commercial. She has a ton of commercial experience -- this Petsecure ad is the 75th TV commercial she's worked on! Leah and her writing partner Luke Devlin have done all the creative work for Western Financial Group since becoming our agency of record in February 2013. 

    -Knot, our lead dog in the shoot, is also the top agility dog in Canada: 

    -Our actress Sarah Troyer has appeared in commercials for the Royal Tyrrell museum and VISA. She has also acted in Hell on Wheels and has had a reoccurring role in Haunting Melissa.

    -We shot in an around the Springbank area of Calgary. This area provided us a great degree of different looks which allows us to reflect the diverse landscape of Canada.

    -Gabriel Olson is our award-winning director, who has also shot commercials for PetSmart, Nike and Coke. Check out more of his work here: 

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  • Petsecure contributes more than $15,000 to the BC SPCA to help fight animal cruelty

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Sep 08, 2014

    More than $64,000 will be given this year to help animals in need

    Petsecure is helping the BC SPCA to fight animal cruelty by contributing $15,870 to the organization. The presentation was made to the BC SPCA at their annual Scotiabank Paws for a Cause walk in Vancouver, on Sunday, as a donation to the cause and as part of an ongoing partnership. The donation from Petsecure will help the BC SPCA assist more than 41,000 animals in distress and need through their 42 locations.

    This year, Petsecure has contributed $64,427.50 to the organization, through the 2014 Scotiabank Paws for a Cause walk, National Cupcake Day, sponsorships and donations. Petsecure has been a supporter of the BC SPCA since 2010. Part of the money donated this year is from Petsecure’s Adoptsecure program where they work with the BC SPCA to offer a free six week trial of pet health insurance to clients for any newly adopted pets. Petsecure has similar partnerships with shelters and SPCAs across Canada. 

    As part of the Paws for a Cause event, participants walked with their pets in Stanley Park, in Vancouver as well as in 32 communities across B.C. to raise funds and awareness to fight animal cruelty and to help abused, injured, neglected and homeless animals.  It is the largest event to help fight animal cruelty in B.C.

    “Petsecure is a true ambassador for animals in need. Their care and compassion shows in so many ways,” said BC SPCA Chief Development Officer Rosemary Conder. “Petsecure’s continued generosity will help us care for tens of thousands of animals across B.C. this year.”

    Over the past 25 years, Petsecure has grown to become Canada’s largest and most trusted pet health insurance provider. It’s a position the company could not have achieved without its longstanding partnerships with veterinarians, breeders and shelters.

    “It is great that we partner with the BC SPCA to encourage pet owners towards the value in pet health insurance,” said Rod Cunniam, Petsecure’s interim President and COO. “Events like Paws for a Cause are a great opportunity to showcase the relationship we have with our shelters and SPCA’s across Canada. The health and well-being of Canadian pets is always a priority, so it’s our privilege to provide this donation to help the BC SPCA fight animal cruelty and to help animals in need across B.C.”

    About the BC SPCA:

    The BC SPCA is a non-profit organization funded primarily by public donations. Our mission is to prevent cruelty and to promote the welfare of animals through a wide range of services, including cruelty investigations, emergency rescue and treatment, sheltering and adoption of homeless and abused animals, humane education, advocacy, farm animal welfare, spay/neuter programs, and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

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  • Getting wet for a good cause

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Sep 04, 2014

    Petsecure's interim President & COO Rod Cunniam, along with Grant Ostir, President of Western's Group Insurance Solutions, got wet for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as staff looked on. 

    Other Petsecure staff have taken the plunge as well! Take a look at this playlist of videos from Petsecure Territory Managers and others:

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  • A big donation for Cupcake Day

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Sep 03, 2014

    We gave a cheque for $17,500 to the Ontario SPCA as part of our sponsorship of the 2014 National Cupcake Day for SPCAs & Humane Societies!

    National Cupcake Day, which took place earlier this year, is a way for animal lovers across Canada to take to their kitchens and bake delicious cupcakes in support of SPCAs and Humane Societies nationwide. The baked goods are exchanged for donations to help needy animals at Canadian shelter

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  • Dr. Liz O'Brien wins Petsecure-sponsored CVMA award

    by Petsecure Pet Heath Insurance | Aug 21, 2014

    The Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association (CVMA) recognizes individuals and groups in the veterinary industry each year for their outstanding contributions to pet medicine.

    Petsecure sponsors the Small Animal Practitioner Award, which recognizes a veterinarian whose work has made a significant contribution to the advancement of small animal medicine, surgery or the management of a small animal practice.

    This year's recipient, Dr. Elizabeth O'Brien (pictured above with Petsecure's Veterinary Advisory Board Chair Dr. Berney Pukay in a photo from, received a $1,000 cash award and a plaque.


    What does this award mean to you?  

    Dr. O'Brien: It means the world to me. I feel completely humbled and overwhelmed by the honour. I so admire the veterinarians that are past recipients; it's unbelievable that I am now a recipient as well. 

    P:  How do you feel about getting recognized by your industry?

    O:  I love this profession from the bottom of my heart. I love working with the animals and find it very rewarding, but it's the people in this industry that have made nearly 30 years of practice an incredible journey. So to be by recognized by my peers and the industry for the work that I love to do is truly amazing. Receiving the letter from CVMA and then the award at the ceremony are both experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.

    P:  What types of interesting initiatives or projects have you taken on this past year?

    O:  The Cat Healthy Initiative has been a priority and will continue to be a priority. Working with five other feline specialists, we created the Feline Preventive Healthcare Protocols, the Simplified Feline Preventive Protocols and have been busy lecturing from coast to coast to educate veterinary teams about Preventive Healthcare in Cats and Feline Medicine.

    On Oct. 26
    , we'll be hosting the first Cat Healthy Symposium and all five of us will be speaking. The Cat Healthy Initiative will be creating more tools and resources for the veterinary teams and we'll be expanding the initiative and creating resources for the  animal shelters and humane societies, so that when cats are adopted, the new cat parent will be educated about the needs of their new family cat.

    The support from  Hill’s, IDEXX, Merial, Bayer and Petsecure  -- who are the sponsors/partners of Cat Healthy -- has allowed us to develop these great resources and I would like to recognize their contribution as well.

    On the home front, my clinics are involved in TNR programs locally. We provide education and veterinary care to numerous animal welfare and cat rescue groups in Hamilton. We also run a street cat/street kid program (Pets Rock) with the Living Rock in Hamilton and provide veterinary care for some of the young people who are relying on the feline/human bond to pull them through a tough time.

    I also take any opportunity that I can, whether that is a talk at a library, an interview with the press, a tweet, coffee with a politician, a visit to our local shelter, write a blog and the list goes on in order to educate people about the importance of preventive healthcare, identification and to increase awareness of the feline overpopulation crisis. This fall our clinic is co-hosting a gallery of photos of “Hamilton’s Other Cats” with  a  local photographer in order to promote  the cats and as a fundraiser for local rescue work. 

    P: How will the Cat Healthy initiative benefit cat owners?

    O: The Cat Healthy initiative's vision is to increase the value of owned, homeless and feral cats in communities across Canada. The mission is to decrease feline euthanasia rates, increase return-to-owner rates and to make sure every cat in Canada has a home -- whether it's with an educated colony TNR caregiver or a forever home where the cat parent truly understands the needs of their cats.

    How will it benefit cat owners? Their cats will live longer healthier lives and by understanding their cats, they will develop a much stronger and more rewarding relationship. 

    P: What is your opinion on pet health insurance? Why should people get the right insurance for their pets? 

    O:  When people have pet insurance, it makes life so much easier for me as a clinician to provide the ideal medical care for the cat, as finances are no longer a part of the equation.

     Being covered with insurance is part of preventive healthcare – preparation for an emergency. The key is that it is that it needs to be a good policy with a good company. In the Cat Healthy Preventive Healthcare Protocols, we include a pet insurance section with a list of points that should be considered when choosing a pet insurance policy. Pet insurance is a must for a responsible cat owner, unless they can cover the cost of an emergency -- which is less than 20 percent of the population.

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