Who We Support

Petsecure pet health insurance is not merely an insurance company; we're pet health insurance specialists. We're a unique organization because helping to provide care for Canadian pets is much more than just a business to us — it's our passion.

As pet parents and animal lovers ourselves, the needs and issues surrounding pet ownership hits especially close to home. Just like you, we walk our dogs, we feed our cats, we schedule our pets for veterinary care. Many of us also enjoy being active volunteers in our pet communities, whether it's spending time assisting at a shelter, helping pet charities raise money, or even by getting involved in training programs.

In support of our customers and our staff, we proudly participate in as many charitable events, fundraising programs, and educational initiatives as possible. It is our privilege to be able to give back to the people and the pet communities which support us.

Need support? Contact us to find out how you can submit a request for a donation, or let us know about a valuable cause in your community. Each year our Veterinary Advisory Board helps us select important pet organizations, and direct our decisions about the individual pet people who need our help most.

Be Secure know that your Pet is...All Taken Care of