• $628.01, Urinary System, Priscilla (Miniature Poodle), ON

  • $1,057.19, Gastro-intestinal Problems, Lola (Chihuahua Cross), AB

  • $985.67, Neurological Problems, Zoe (Miniature Dachshund), ON

  • $1,380.70, Gastro-intestinal Problems, Kona (Standard Poodle), BC

  • $1,313.16, Disc Spinal Problems, Dugan (Newfoundland), QC

  • $156.82, Skin Problem, Nutella (Labrador Retriever), QC

  • $186.81, Lameness, Sydney (Terrier Cross), NL

  • $458.42, Dental Problems, Tapestry (Brittany Spaniel), MB

  • $271.74, Warts and Cysts, Tessa (Domestic Shorthair cat), BC

  • $193.04, Urinary System, Tilly (Olde English Bulldogge), SK

  • $76.77, Respiratory Problems, Smokey (Persian), ON

  • $308.19, Dental Problems, Darcey (Shetland Sheepdog), BC

  • $232.14, Repiratory Problems, Miso (Shiba Inu), BC

  • $536.36, Tumours, Thomas (West Highland White Terrier), BC

  • $412.57, Pancreatic Disease, Willow (Maine Coon), PE

  • $2,423.42, Gastro-intestinal Problems, River (Weimaraner), MB

  • $157.64, Poisoning, Graca (Rhodesian Ridgeback), ON

  • $210.66, Lameness, Kasey (Brittany Spaniel), ON

  • $295.84, Arthritis, Munster (Domestic Longhair cat), AB

  • $142.62, Eye Problems, Aridyne (Great Dane), AB

  • $1,447.54, Cardiovascular, Loki (Labrador Retriever Cross), AB

  • $400.00, Dental Problems, Mickey (Terrier Cross), AB

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If it wasn't for Petsecure we would not have been able to have the surgeries performed. I highly recommend them to anyone