• $2,512.60 reimbursed, Knee Problems and Medical Devices, ShihTzu Cross, AB

  • $4,645.60 reimbursed, Tumours, Dachshund (miniature long-hair), ON

  • $961.46 reimbursed, Ear Problems and Trauma, Bernese Mountain Dog, MB

  • $913.66 reimbursed, Skin Problem, Bouvier des Flandres, ON

  • $421.09 reimbursed, Arthritis and Alternative Therapy, Domestic Longhair Cat, BC

  • $1,064.36 reimbursed, Arthritis, Standard Poodle, BC

  • $579.40 reimbursed, Cardiovascular, Shih Tzu, BC

  • $920.24 reimbursed, Urinary Problems, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, BC

  • $428.84 reimbursed, Gastro-intestinal and Skin Problems, Beagle, ON

  • $6,790.89 reimbursed, Disc Spinal Problems, Labrador Retriever, AB

  • $1,428.01 reimbursed, Gastro-intestinal and Tumours, Standard Poodle, ON

  • $1,254.28 reimbursed, Eye Problems, Bulldog, ON

  • $4,587.46 reimbursed, Liver Problems, Domestic Shorthair Cat, ON

  • $1,234.74 reimbursed, Diabetes, Miniature Pinscher, BC

  • $2,332.28 reimbursed, Thyroid Problems, Domestic Shorthair Cat, BC

  • $2,313.15 reimbursed, Knee Problems, Italian Greyhound, QC

  • $5,786.64 reimbursed, Gastro-intestinal, German Shepherd Dog Cross, AB

  • $1,927.76 reimbursed, Respiratory Problems, Domestic Longhair Cat, AB

  • $4,864.89 reimbursed, Thyroid Problems and Tumours, Tabby Cat, QC

  • $546.38 reimbursed, Skin Problems, German Shepherd Dog, SK

  • $342.60 reimbursed, Poisoning, Chihuahua, NS

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